General Overseer & Presiding, Bishop Stephen Fowler, Sr.

What an amazing journey with Christ from a young man to still here celebrating life praising the Lord at 96 years old. It has been noted over the years that some family records show that Bishop Stephen Fowler Sr., is 98 years old, what a blessing and a testimony.

Bishop Stephen Fowler, Sr. was born in the year of 1925-1927 in a small town called Nacogdoches, Texas. His journey with the Lord began as a young child in his teens, attending weekly church services with his parents, Deacon Ben Fowler & Mother Everly Fowler, in Chireno, Texas. Bishop Fowler continued living for the Lord even after leaving his parents’ home. At the young age of 22 years old, he preached his first sermon at the Church of God in Christ, in Houston, Texas, invited by the late Sr. Pastor Darris.

Beginning in 1952, he found his way to The Free Churches Of God In Christ In Jesus’ Name, Inc. He was welcomed with open arms by the Late, Founder, Sr. Bishop Earl Evans, Jr. and the Late, General Overseer Cavitt Haynes.

From that moment on, Sr. Bishop Fowler often expresses the Joy he feels when reminiscing how on fire for the Lord he was, and he never looked back. He continues on with the Lord celebrating love and life on a Spirit-filled journey every day. 

Sr. Bishop Fowler has and still is walking in a very powerful gift of Faith and Healing, a true anointed man of God. The Lord gifted him to over 70 years of preaching, teaching, healing the sick and encouraging those who are lost. From changing the lives of just a few to thousands. Many of those years were spent with his late wife Elect First Lady, Mary Fowler. First Lady, Mother Fowler was Bishop Fowler’s spiritual support. He often shares that she was truly his rock and his blessing. The Lord has truly used him through his unwavering Faith and commitment to God as he continues his Faith walk with the Lord.

Finally settling in San Diego, California, in 1959 Sr. Bishop Fowler began building churches and was set on helping grow The Free Churches in California and without hesitation he opened the doors to Noah’s Temple Church of San Diego. Currently Sr. Bishop Fowler is still pastoring Noah’s Temple Church and still using his God given gifts. 

From sharecropper to successful landowner, to Teacher of Psychology -San Diego State University 1972-1974, to General Overseer & Bishop of the Free Churches Of God In Christ In Jesus’ Name, Inc., is nothing short of a miracle, a blessed man of God.

Sr. Bishop Fowler often shares that becoming General Overseer of The Free Churches Of God In Christ In Jesus’ Name, Inc., is by far his greatest fulfillment and accomplishment in his life. He is still here, still preaching, still teaching, still healing, still celebrating life, and his best days are still, yet to come.

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On behalf of Noah’s Temple Free Church of God in Christ in Jesus name, we would like to welcome first time visitors as well as those who attend weekly. Know that God has “A WORD” for you. We thank you all for your commitment to help us spread the good new of Jesus Christ and we encourage you to hold on to faith and let God complete his work in you

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